What is the Membership fee?

Membership fee is NAF 250,00 per annum (January 1 – December 31).

How do I become a Member?

Please complete the application form to update our membership list. Next to that, please ensure payment of your membership fee and send your proof of payment to [email protected] including a reference to your membership number and name.

What is the bank account information of ACCUR?

Bank account in name of Association Compliance Officers Curacao (ACCUR) at: org
MCB Bank Curacao – # 19561400 

Chuchubiweg 17, Willemstad, Curacao – KVK 119398 

Please send your proof of payment to [email protected] 

Please include membership number (mentioned in your invoice) and your name as a reference

Is ACCUR Membership per person or per company

Kindly note that ACCUR Membership is personal even though many employers are happy to finance the Membership fee. In case you switched jobs you are still a member for that year. We depend on our members to inform ACCUR of changes in personal information. Even though we are in contact with HR or a contact person for large firms it is the responsibility of the member to ensure payment and to inform us of changes in information.