Xiomara Chelius

Xiomara Chelius is a civil law attorney and one of the founders and partner at the law firm MXLaw.
In her daily practice she focuses, next to compliance, on corporate law matters and general civil law matters. She is CAMS certified.

As the new chair person, Xiomara also strives to get other designated non financial service providers (e.g. lawyers, accountants, notaries and tax advisors) involved with ACCUR to create and maintain a good culture of compliance on our island.
Xiomara is a member of the Curaçao Bar Association.

Simone Ritstier

Simone started her career at ING Netherlands where she worked for 18 years. The last 9 years she worked in various positions within the KYC Center. The last year she worked as a Global KYC trainer. Next to her bachelor’s degree in business administration, she became a certified trainer.

In 2022 she started to work for a smaller company and since October she was responsible as Head of Caribbean Office for everything related to training and education in the Caribbean. In august 2023 she started working as a Governance, Risk & Compliance manager for a worldwide shipping company named Seatrade whom has its headquarters on Curacao.

Dalila Janga-Narvaez

Dalila Janga-Narvaez is a Senior Compliance Officer at ACU with previous Compliance experience from Banco Di Caribe N.V. and Citco Banking Corporation N.V. Prior to starting her Compliance career she was a Trading Officer at Citco Banking Corporation N.V. Being part of a the ACCUR Board she hopes to make a valuable contribution to the team and have knowledgeable input acquired from her experience at both an Onshore Bank as well as an Offshore Bank. Her goal is to contribute in the mission and goals of ACCUR and with that also gaining the experiences that comes with being an active and enthusiastic Board Member of ACCUR.

Harmen van de Wetering

Harmen holds a Master of Tax Law from the University of Amsterdam. He has 20+ years of experience in the financial services sector. He worked at different financial services/trust companies in The Netherlands and on Curaçao, where he held various positions. Since 3,5 years he is the Compliance Officer at Amicorp Curaçao. He is also a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS). He believes compliance is not a burden but a strategic advantage for companies and organizations. His goal is – also through ACCUR – to create and maintain awareness within the financial industry of the importance of compliance.

Lisa Romer

Lisa Romer obtained both her Bachelor- and Master’s Degree in Business Law at Tilburg University in the Netherlands and she currently holds the position of Head of Compliance at one of the largest trust service providers in Curacao. Before becoming active in the trust industry, Lisa worked as a corporate attorney at law at a well-established law firm in Curacao. She was mainly active in the banking & finance team and advised on a variety of corporate and regulatory law related matters. Lisa very much values any opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with respected colleagues within her working field. Previously she participated as board member in the Curacao Young Bar Association and by joining the ACCUR board, Lisa (together with her co-board members) hopes to create greater and more in-depth Compliance knowledge with legal- and financial professionals active on the island. She also looks forward to meeting all enthusiastic Compliance professionals at the next ACCUR event.