Lisa Romer

Lisa Romer obtained both her Bachelor- and Master’s Degree in Business Law at Tilburg University in the Netherlands and she currently holds the position of Head of Compliance at one of the largest trust service providers in Curacao. Before becoming active in the trust industry, Lisa worked as a corporate attorney at law at a well-established law firm in Curacao. She was mainly active in the banking & finance team and advised on a variety of corporate and regulatory law related matters. Lisa very much values any opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with respected colleagues within her working field. Previously she participated as board member in the Curacao Young Bar Association and by joining the ACCUR board, Lisa (together with her co-board members) hopes to create greater and more in-depth Compliance knowledge with legal- and financial professionals active on the island. She also looks forward to meeting all enthusiastic Compliance professionals at the next ACCUR event.