Talisha de Vries


Talisha de Vries is an AML/CFT Compliance Assistant with a focus on transaction monitoring. She fell in love with AML/CFT when interning at the CBCS where she was exposed to the area. This peculiar interest drove her to write her Bachelors thesis on this intriguing subject, which won the CBCS 2018 Economic Research Award. This love affair has also led her to successfully obtain a Masters in Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing and become CAMS certified. Her excitement is built on the opportunity to have a small role in combating financial crime worldwide but especially for her Island. As luck would have it, she was given the opportunity to participate for the banking sector in the currently ongoing National Risk Assessment of Curacao. She currently works for LAAD Americas N.V. Her motivation to join ACCUR is the growth of her professional knowledge and the call to support the board in growing its members’ participation and interest in the organization. She believes that an active Compliance Association will benefit not only the member Compliance Officers but also all of the related industries, who depend on the Compliance Officer’s expert support.